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When you have been developing your life project for many years, the creative impulse leads you to incorporate others closely related to the initial ones and that are closing the circle of services that aim to offer the whole of them if the goal is to be a reference for well-rounded services in a sector.

Throughout time the initial enthusiasm remains intact and with a great spirit of work, continuous training, trips and meetings without rest, respecting people and institutions to the maximum and open doors to enriching collaborations, you can find yourself in a privileged position to feel useful and add value to your environment.

At the same time filling of gratitude to your customers/friends arise and the security that the future is going to be very favorable.

With these considerations Grupo Vegal offers a very professional, hardworking and very flexible team formed by pharmacists, engineers, biologists, chemists, architects and economists, which aims to be effective and close to the health sector.

Our values

Experience & capacity to find solutions
Quality & commitment
Business vision & specialization
Detection of new projects & solutions of financiation