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Vegal Pharma maintains an active presence and technological support in many emerging countries that insistently demand the access to pharmaceutical technology in all its sections.

Currently we can manage the following technological processes:

Synthesis of APIs: chemical, biological and fermentation processes.

1. Maximum production manufacturing facilities and incorporation of manufacturing equipment’s with the most modern and effective technology, suitable for the manufacture of special consumer products: oncology, vaccination, insulins, heparins, antibiotics, biosimilars ... 2. Local packaging facilities for bulk products.

Release systems of medicines: nanoparticles, resins for taste masking process of bitter APIs,...

State to the art generation analytical techniques: gas chromatography, HPLC, MS-MS, spectroscopy, Radio Immuno assay (RIA).

The technological transfer is accompanied by a continuous training that transmits continuity to the new generations by ensuring that the technological leap made by their countries will be an insurance of progress and self-sufficiency.

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